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Operators Licence

www.operatorslicence.co.uk, along with other accompanying websites, are maintained by Oplas Transport Consultancy. They have been developed with the purpose, of give some basic information on the legislation, & regulations/rules & guidance, surrounding the use of an Operator’s Licence. Along with promoting the services, & solutions that Oplas Transport Consultancy has to offer, in the area of Operator Licencing compliance, & Operator’s Licence management.

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Operators Licence – OPLAS Transport Consultancy

The correct use of an Operator’s Licence or ‘O’ Licence as it is more commonly known, within the goods vehicle (HGV), or Public/Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) transport industries, has been an area in which Oplas Transport Consultancy, have for a number of years advised a large number of different types of operator licence holder’s, from owner drivers to companies who are considered to be worldwide brands. All of whom were looking for consultation on operator licensing matters.

Therefore, we are confident that we can help & advise on your needs in relation operator’s licence regulations, compliance & operator’s licence management. From the original operator licence application, finding a transport manager, & if required the surrendering of an operator’s licence. Therefore, with this in mind please find below links to a number of services, & solutions, that Oplas Transport Consultancy offers in the area of Operator’s Licence compliance, & within the pages of this website. A basic guide to the operator’s licence regulations, to help all who are interested in understand the vital role that the Operator’s Licence, has within commercial transport industry.

This Guide Has Been Produced, as a Basic Guide in Relation to the Operator Licence Regulations. Therefore, It Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.