Operator’s Licence Application

What does an Operator’s Licence Application consist of?

An operator’s licence application does not have a standard framework, or template, to which any applicant can use when undergoing the process of applying for an operator’s licence, it is often said that each operator’s licence application, has its own individual characteristics, & is judged on its own merits, & the information contained within that application. But the process does require that all operator’s licence applications need to meet certain criteria, (Standards) & supply certain documents in order to successfully.

Applying for an Operator’s Licence

All applications for an operator’s licence are now done via an online system. It is possible to apply using the old paper version. If this is the case then the applicant must contact the Office of the Traffic Commissioner & request the current versions of the correct documentation.

Payment of the required fees: Applicants can pay by credit/debit card online. Also, cheque/postal orders, along with paying by card, but via the old paper method is still available.

The online operator’s licence system has been based, on the old paper form format. As stated, operator’s licence fees, are now normally paid online. Plus, all the application supporting documentation can be upload. Signatures are still required, the difference being it will be an ‘e’ signature. The applicants will need to register with GOV.UK so they can verify their ‘e’ signature first.

Operator’s Licence Application Basic Requirements

Please find below a basic summary & definition of the requirements in relation to an Operator’s Licence Application.

Operating Centre

The definition of an operating centre in regards to the Operator Licencing Regulations is the location that the vehicle(s) will be operated from, & are parked when not in use.

A Statutory Notice

Or Public Notice as it is more commonly known must be place in a local newspaper which is in circulation in the area of the proposed operating centre, if the applicant is proposing the use of more than one operating centre & it is in a different area it may require the placing of more than one public notice as the applicant must advertise the operator’s licence application in a local newspaper with circulating in each area where an applicant is are proposing to have an operating centre(s).

Maintenance Requirements

Any applicant must prove to the Traffic Commissioner that they will keep the vehicle(s) that they propose to operate, serviceable at all times. To do this the applicant must provide the Traffic Commissioner with copies of any maintenance contract or letter of agreement with their proposed maintenance supplier, if an applicant is not doing the required work themselves. Along with copies of the vehicle safety inspections records to be used.

Financial Requirements

Is commonly known as financial standing, is a requirement of any Operator Licence Application. All applicants must demonstrate using recognised financial documentation, in support of their operator’s licence application. To show they have access to a set level of funds. The reason the applicant must show evidence to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. Is to make sure the applicant, will have adequate financial resources to keep the applicants’ vehicles in a fit & serviceable condition.

Please see below the required rates of financial standing, for an operator’s licence application:

Standard National and International Operator’s Licence applicants need to demonstrate: £8000 for the first vehicle, & £4450 for every additional vehicle, request on the operator’s licence application.

Restricted Operator’s Licence applicants need to demonstrate: £3100 for the first vehicle, & £1700 for every additional vehicle, request on the operator’s licence application.

Operator’s Licence variation applications, are also required to demonstrate the required financial standing. Both for their existing fleet, & the additional authorisation being applied for.

Operator’s Licence Application, & Variation Fees

Please find below the fees, that need to be paid to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner

Operator’s Licence Application: £257

(Basic fee for submitting an operator’s licence application, for consideration by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner)

Issue of an Interim Licence: £68

(A temporary operator’s licence, whilst full operator’s licence application is under consideration)

Issuing Operator’s Licence: £401

(Once an operator’s licence application has been granted by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, & before the operator’s licence can be used, a fee often known as the granting fee must be paid.)

Operator’s Licence Continuation Fee: £401

(This fee is due every 5 years from the original date of the operator’s licence being granted)

Major change to a licence: £257

(Basic fee for submitting an operator’s licence variation application, for consideration by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner)

Good Repute & Fitness Professional Competence

As part of any Operators Licence Application, the good repute of the of the applicant is taken in consideration by the traffic commissioner, this means that any relevant convictions that have been place against the applicant or persons such as follow directors, company secretary, senior managers, transport manager or employees who will be involved with the operator’s licence if granted, must be declare.

Also, if the applicant is aware of any pending convictions and penalties at the time of the Operator’s Licence Application, these also must be declared.

The applicant must also inform The Traffic Commissioner immediately if a conviction or penalty is imposed on the applicant or those parties relevant to the applicant’s application that occur from the date of the application.

In addition to the above requirements any Operators Licence Application, which is for a Standard National or International Operators Licence, must further satisfied The Traffic Commissioner in a number the area of Fitness or Professional Competence. This is done by either the applicant themselves or by another person having a formal recognised qualification in transport operations management. The Certificate of Professional Competence in transport management, is more commonly known a CPC Cert.

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