Operators Licence & Brexit

Now that that is confirmed that the UK, is to leave the European Union on the 31/01/20 Operator’s licence holders now need to prepare for the UK to leave the EU single market, which the UK government set a dead line on 11 months. Therefore, the possibility of a hard Brexit, is still a possibility

The EU, UK government are now in due to start trade negotiations, but both will still be preparing for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. If no deal becomes more of a possibility. Those in business will get an indication of this is by the EU use of what is known as Preparedness Notices. The EU has already published preparedness notice(s) on road transport, when it was thought there was going to be a ‘No Deal Brexit’

If the UK leave the EU single market in a ‘no deal’ situation, the EU position, as per the EU published preparedness notice(s). Is that the UK will become a ‘third’ country, & operator’s licence holder need to be preparing for such a situation by fully understanding, what operating from a ‘third country’ will be like. Such as having to be a holder of ECMT permit.


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