How does the ECMT permit work?

The UK’s ECMT permit system is administered by the International Road Freight Office (IRFO), which is part of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which in turn is part of the Department of Transport. (DfT)

Each ECMT member country is assigned a limited number of permits to be issued each year, under a quota system. Once the allocation of ECMT permits has been used. There is a facility for further permits to be issued, for which fee is charged, the level of this charge is on a sliding scale. However, ECMT permits will be assigned, before the beginning of the year in which they are valid.

Any ECMT permit(s) issued to an operator’s licence holder, will be valid for one calendar year. The ECMT permit allows the operator licence holder’s vehicles an unlimited number of journeys within that period. Currently the UK does not issue short-term permits.

All ECMT Permit(s) are allowed to be transferred between vehicles, but are valid for only one vehicle at a time. i.e. one vehicle, one permit. The permit must be kept on board for the whole journey.

ECMT permits may not be used for:

An ECMT permit can be used by an operator’s licence holder’s vehicle when transiting of an ECMT members countries on journeys to non-ECMT states

When the operator’s licence holder vehicles are engaged in cabotage, the ECMT permit allows for such activate.

ECMT permits allows for unaccompanied trailers or semi-trailers operations

Own account operations, in the case of the UK, this is for operator’s licence holders, who’s operator licence is of a restricted nature.

Some ECMT member countries, have additional conditions on the use of ECMT permits, these are mainly Austria, Greece and Italy, so a check on those restrictions’ is would be advisable before an such journeys are undertaken, when transiting these countries under ECMT permit conditions, is undertaken.

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