What happens in a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

If the United Kingdom (UK) leaves the European Union (EU) under ‘no-deal’ conditions. The UK trading activities with the EU, will take place under a different import and export regulations & procedures. These regulations, & procedures will see the UK as regards to trade as being a ‘third country’ The effect of being considered a ‘third country’ is that there will be heavy regulation imposed in regards to compliance to customs regulations. This heavy weight of regulation will apply to all those parties involved with the movement of goods/products, either as an importer, or exporter of the goods/products in question. An example of this possible heavyweight of regulation can be seen below.

All those involved with the movement of goods/products will need to know about the extra documentation required due to a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, an example of this will be the Single Administrative Document (C88) or SAD (All those reading this will hopefully see the funny side of the obviation)

The Single Administrative Document, or C88. Is the main document used in relation customs requirements for in international trade in the UK Importers/exporters, along with their agents can use the SAD to assist with declaring import, export, transit and community status declarations, The UK version of the document is currently harmonised in line with other European versions of the document. Currently it is restricted in its use, to instances when computer systems aren’t working and customs check points have to carry out manual processing, or it can be used as an advice to shipping agents.

The reason for it being introduced, was to make sure that goods arriving from outside the EU and goods being exported outside of the EU, were controlled. The SAD document is not required if trading within the EU single market. However, the SAD document is required for the movement of non-EU goods within the EU. so, if the UK leaves under a ‘no-deal’ conditions, this document will become very familiar to all involved with the movement of goods/products by road transport.

Compliance with the procedures, & the associated regulations, as shown above. Along with many more will become vital. If those operator’s licence holders currently operate within the EU, wish to do so in a world after a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.  

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This Website and the information shown on it, has been produced as a basic guide, to show the relationship between a CPC Holder, & the Operator Licence Regime. Therefore, it cannot be considered as formal legal advice.