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So, operator’s licence holders who did not applied for an ECMT permit back at the end of 2018, & early 2019. Or those who were not allocated permit(s). Are advise by the DfT (Department of Transport), to make sure that when the next opportunity to apply for ECMT permits, that they do so as soon as possible to submit an application, so no matter what happens in regards to Brexit in the future. They have an ability to operate in the EU in the future.

Please Note: As stated; If the UK leaves the EU, & therefore the European Economic Area (EEA) from the 31 October 2019 without a deal. Operator’s Licence might need ECMT permits to operate their vehicles within the EU, unless there is an agreement beforehand. To see the scale of the possible problem face by operator’s licence holders wishing to operate in the EU in the future. Please read below.

Operator’s licence holders were advised by the UK government to apply for an ECMT permit, from the approximately the end of 2018. They applied to The International Road Freight Office (IRFO), which is part of the Driver and Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA), who administer of the issuing of ECMT permits on behalf of the UK government 

Over 11,000 HGV (ECMT) permits were applied for, from approximately 2000 operator’s licence holders. The number of annual permits available was 984, with a further 2,832 were available that expire after one month, some of which have been already allocated. 

The large discrepancy between the number of applications received and permits available. Shows that if the numbers of permits do not increase after the UK leaves the EU. It may become, if there is no change to the current political situation surrounding Brexit, very difficult for the many operator’s licence holders to maintain operations outside of the UK

“In the event of a No Deal Brexit, the only tool currently available to UK hauliers to access the European market is ECMT permits.  The fact that if the current conditions for the issue of ECMT permits, does not change.  It would mean that less than 9% of UK operator’s licence holders would be able to operate vehicles within the EU. So more than 90% of UK operators will be left without the ability to operate their vehicles within the EU.  Therefore, there needs to be a change in the way ECMT permits are issued, & that all operator’s licence holders are fully aware of how the ECMT permit system works, if the UK transport industry, & the UK economy is to keep trading effectively with the EU, & the ability of the EU to keep trading effectively with the UK, its nearest, & one of its largest trading partners.

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