Brexit: What’s happened so far?

Back in March 2019 the Department for Transport, after a period of consultation with the transport industry, allocated a limited number of ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) permits available to selected international road transport operators. In the absence of an alternative agreement (Hard Brexit), the ECMT permits would replace the “Community Licence” that currently gives unlimited access to all EU countries for UK standard international operator licence holders.

The European Commission has made statements over the last few months stating that the EU position would be, that UK operator’s licence holders, will be able to operate their vehicles between the UK and other EU Member States until the end of December 2019, once the UK has left the EU. This proposal so to speak, still awaits decisions to be made on it by the those in Brussels in the European Parliament, & the EU Council of Ministers. With ‘no deal’ Brexit looking more likely, the proposal could be cancelled at any time, before any decision has been made on it.

The Department for Transport has made clear its intention to allow foreign registered vehicles into the UK without an ECMT permit, in the event of a No Deal Brexit. This is to make sure that vehicles carrying essential imports, such as medical supplies, can continue to reach their destinations, within the UK.

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