Who needs an Operators Licence?

Before considering if you need an operator’s licence, then the understanding of the terms OPERATOR, or USER needs to be understood before any decision can be made on whether, or not the proposed vehicle, & its use, fall into the remit of the Operator Licensing Regime, & the regulations which make up the regime. Please see below a simple definition of these term(s).

OPERATOR, or “USER” of a vehicle(s), used for the commercial carriage of goods or burden, or the providing of a service, in connection with any trade or business: Is deemed to be the driver if he/she owns the vehicle and, in any other case, the person for whom the driver works (whether under a contract of employment or any other description of contract personally to do work).

Where a vehicle is the subject of an agreement for hire, hire-purchase, conditional sale or loan, the owner is the person in possession of the vehicle under that agreement. Also, the use of a vehicle, if the driver is the servant or agent, of the operator/user

In addition to the above; An Operator’s Licence is a legal requirement for any company or organisation operating (User), any vehicle. Whether or not they are the owner, of said reference vehicle.

If the vehicle is a Goods Vehicle (HGV) the following applies: A gross plated weight of more than 3.5 tonnes or if it has no gross plated weight, an un-laden weight of more than 1525kg. This also applies to the use of vehicle combinations applying the same weight limits also requires a licence. That is used to carry goods on a public road in connection with any trade or business.

In the case of Public Service Vehicles (PSV) use the following definition for the requirement of an Operator’s Licence: The legal requirement for any company or organisation operating a vehicle, which is designed or adapted to carry nine or more passengers.

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This Website and the information shown on it, has been produced as a basic guide, to show the relationship between a CPC Holder, & the Operator Licence Regime. Therefore, it cannot be considered as formal legal advice.